Bangkok Post, I accuse : « Intellectual cowardice and dishonesty ! »

Patong Beach, le 28 mars 2013



Bangkok Post, I accuse : « Intellectual cowardice and dishonesty ! »

Bangkok Post Newspaper

Editorial committee

[For the attention of the Direction]

Ladies and Gentlemen,

 The negative contents of your e-mail of 27 inst. informing me proudly not to have read my message having for object “Thai people and racism !”, which was nevertheless accompanied with my letter of 19 inst., sent in registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to the royal Embassy of Thailand in France, gives me the opportunity to establish the intellectual cowardice and dishonesty of your daily paper, quite as I had the occasion to do it for several important French national makers of opinion, namely Le Monde and Le Figaro in particular, also refusing to discuss on the bottom by confronting their partisan relative truths with THE absolute eternal truth, that of the Buddha, the Christ and Spinoza in particular, which we shall discuss, when you will consider it useful.

Indeed, your intellectual cowardice becomes established of itself by your refusal to read my message, only by the fact of seeing its necessarily visible and disturbing object.

As for your intellectual dishonesty, it results from the inherent disinformation of the Thai people, who can so continue to practice, on a large scale, the discrimination against old men called “papa”, such as amply developed in the letter translated into English, that I will send you, if you answer me, for not giving you a new opportunity to ignore it; but by there, within your editorial staff, somebody will certainly able of translating it from French in Thai.

I am held there, because of your possible new refusal to be read, and send you nevertheless, Ladies and Gentlemen, my philosophical greetings, except for yourselves or to whoever, obviously, to demonstrate the opposite.

À propos de guyboussens

Disciple de Spinoza et de son héritier spirituel, le philosophe juif allemand Constantin Brunner (1862-1937), je n'ai d'autre but que d'être leur porte-parole posthume pour divulguer la voie et la voix de LA Vérité éternelle absolue - sauf, évidemment, aux menteurs de toutes sortes [Médias, politiciens, prétendus intellectuels, pseudo-philosophes, et associations droits-de-l'hommiste, moralisatrices à sens unique] de démontrer le contraire, comme je l'attends depuis plus de dix ans, tant sont grandes leur lâcheté et leur malhonnêteté intellectuelles, ainsi que mon texte fondateur, Mensonges et lâcheté des élites, en donne un large aperçu sur le fond et les dénonce nommément.
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