Bangkok Post, I ACCUSE [Bis] : « Intellectual debility, cowardice and dishonesty ! » [Complement]

Patong Beach, April 5th, 2013


Objet: Bangkok Post, I ACCUSE [Bis] : « Intellectual debility, cowardice and dishonesty ! » [Complement]

Bangkok Post

The Post Publishing Public Company Limited Bangkok

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[For the attention of the Direction and the Editorial committee]

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As the direction and the editorial staff of the Bangkok Post still do not have up to here the intellectual honesty and courage to answer my mail of March 26th informing you of my letter of March 19th, 2013 sent to the Embassy of Thailand in France, as they have no more answered to my mail of March 28th having for object, Bangkok Post, I accuse: «Intellectual cowardice and dishonesty ! », I invite you to acquaint with the totality of the correspondence, which aimed at establishing and at denouncing a particular shape of racism practiced by a great number of your fellow countrymen, discrimination concerning specially the men, because of their age.

Nevertheless, I do not return here on your intellectual cowardice and dishonesty already enough established, and I thus restrict to denounce in supplement the intellectual debility of this shape of discrimination, so unacceptable and difficult to support for the parties concerned that any of its multiple forms specified in my letter of March 19th to the Embassy of Thailand in France.

Indeed, these unconscious racist individuals, for the main part aged from twenty to fifty years, do not even realize what waits for them in twenty or thirty years, except premature disappearance, namely becoming people as old as those whom they like to decrease today to push forward themselves better with their own eyes – a sufficient proof of their intellectual debility !

I hope that this will be enough for bringing you to denounce publicly this idiocy, as you have the means of it, failing which you will continue to share it stupidly.

In the case your reason will take it on this stupidity, I thank you for your attention and send you my philosophic greetings, except for yourselves or for whoever, obviously, to demonstrate the opposite.

Appendix : I – Mail of March 26th to the Bangkok Post

 Patong Beach, March 26th, 2013


Objet: « Thai people and racism ! »

Pattnapong Chantranontwong


Bangkok Post Building136

Sunthorn Kosa Road, Klong Toey

Bangkok 10110

[Copy to]

Dear Sir,

 Very irritated by the multiple questionings of your fellow countrymen, everywhere here, I invite you to acquaint with ma letter of 19 inst, sent to the royal Embassy in France for denouncing a Thai local custom, which assimilates in fact to racism, except for yourself or whoever to demonstrate the opposite after attentive reading.

In this eventuality, I thank you for your attention and ask you to approve, Sir, my sincere greetings.

Appendix : Letter of March 19, 2013 to the Embassy of Thailand in France

II – Negative answer of the Bangkok Post

Your message was deleted without being read on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 3:56:13 PM (GMT+07:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta.

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III – Letter of March 28th, 2013

Patong Beach, March 28th, 2013


Bangkok Post, I accuse : « Intellectual cowardice and dishonesty ! »

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The negative contents of your e-mail of 26 inst. informing me proudly not to have read my message having for object “Thai people and racism !”, which was nevertheless accompanied with my letter of 19 inst., sent in registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to the royal Embassy of Thailand in France, gives me the opportunity to establish the intellectual cowardice and dishonesty of your daily paper, quite as I had the occasion to do it for several important French national makers of opinion, namely Le Monde and Le Figaro in particular, also refusing to discuss on the bottom by confronting their partisan relative truths with THE absolute eternal truth, that of the Buddha, the Christ and Spinoza in particular, which we shall discuss, when you will consider it useful.

In fact, your intellectual cowardice becomes established of itself by your refusal to read my message, only by the fact of seeing its necessarily visible and disturbing object. As for your intellectual dishonesty, it results from the inherent disinformation of the Thai people, who can so continue to practice, on a large scale, the discrimination against old men called “papa”, such as amply developed in the letter translated into English, that I will send you, if you answer me, for not giving you a new opportunity to ignore it; but by there, within your editorial staff, somebody will certainly able of translating it from French in Thai.

I am held there, because of your possible new refusal to be read, and send you nevertheless, Ladies and Gentlemen, my philosophic greetings, except for yourselves or to whoever, obviously, to demonstrate the opposite.

IV – Letter of March 19th, 2013 to the Embassy of Thailand in France

French citizen making annually long-term stays in Thailand, I would want to push a fit of bad temper against the unconscious, but very realracism of your fellow countrymen, essentially found among the staff of touk-touk companies, stores, restaurants and massage parlors. These people call out to you without knowing anything about you, but by judging you thus only, at first sight, on a discriminating criterion.

Indeed, down from their short-lived youth and from their temporary superiority, of which they are not conscious or which they prefer to ignore, these uncountable persons call out to men of certain age under the term “dad”, without realizing even the fest insult. Yet this Thai custom, apparently considered in your country as a brand of respect, is in reality only a demonstration of racism, as I leave you judge, if I called out to a Thai under the naming of the “yellow” and an African under that of the “Negro”, because of physical criteria so visible.

These people thus judge without knowing anything about me, but for your guidance, I inform you, that I teached at high school during thirty five years, and I states it here only to underline the primary and racist judgment of the denounced individuals decreasing me in a discriminating criterion, by specifying that I wait for number of these racists on a tennis court, in spite of my age.

Really, this common practice in Thailand is thus obviously a shape of violation of human rights, to decrease a person only on a discriminating criterion. Yet the discrimination has no race for only criterion and it is also hurtful, besides the age, when it bases itself on other multiple criteria : sex (male and feminine), sexual orientation (heterosexuals, homosexuals, lesbians and transsexuals), opinions (religious, political, etc.).

Accordingly, except for yourselves to share this particular shape of “racism” denounced here, you have to fight it publicly to develop your fellow countrymen regarding human rights, even if I have no doubt, that the education remains for ever unable to modify our eternal human nature in its egoism under its diverse forms (love, money and glory or honor-vanity), what allows me to assert without any risk of being contradicted : “Thai people like all others people !” – except for yourselves or for whoever, obviously, to demonstrate the opposite !

In the eventuality of your argued opposite reaction, I thank you for your attention and ask you to approve, Madam, Sir, my sincere greetings.































III – Mail of March 28th, 2013 to the Bangkok Post

IV- Letter of March 19th, 2013 to the Embassy of Thailand in France



Editorial committee

[For the attention of the Direction]

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